Surrendering your Pet....

Sometimes we need to take some responsibility for what happens but other times it is just plain out of our hands and caring for your pet may no longer be a possibility.  Pet owners who experience changing or unforeseen circumstances need somewhere to turn to if their pets no longer fit in with future plans and need to find them a new family.  The Refuge is an independent, non-profit, charitable organisation and has a non-euthanasia policy.  If we are not able to assist you by taking in your pet, we will offer you some suggestions as to who may be able to assist you or alternatives to surrendering depending on your situation.  Before surrendering your pet, take the time to read through options that you may not have thought about.

FAMILY OR FRIENDS - Check with your extended family, friends and co-workers to see if anyone is able to assist you in either rehoming your pet or looking after your pet while you address the situation that you find yourself in.  Share on social media, but never give your pet away for free and always meet them in a public space.

TRAINING - No matter what stage in life most dogs are in need of training.  Sometimes it is an easy fix and just require the services of basic dog trainer or a little research on your part.  When a dog has developed worrying behavioral issues, it's always best to address them quickly and with a Behavioural Dog Trainer.  They look for the reasons behind the problem, whether it's digging, escaping, being anti social with other dogs or anxiety.  We have worked with all three Behaviour Trainers below.

Sunshine Coast Positive Paws Dog Training - 0419 353 474

Essential Dog Training Sunshine Coast - 0431 560 257

Unleashed Dog Behavioural Training - 0437 311 715

RENTALS - One of the biggest reasons we have for people contacting us to surrender their pet is due to their rental not allowing or not being able to find a rental that will allow pets on the property.  Give yourself plenty of time to find a property that will allow you to keep your pet.  Our experience is that you have more success in gaining pet approval if you offer your real estate a "bond" for their own piece of mind. You can also create a "resume" for your pet with Vet references or pet sitters recommendations to show you're a responsible pet owner, or encourage them to meet with your pet to see how well cared and behaved they are.  If the realtor see's the bond between you and your pet, it may just help to win them over.

BREED SPECIFIC OR FOSTER BASED RESCUE GROUPS - At times, your pet may be better suited to a Breed Specific Rescue or Foster Based Rescue, not all pets cope well within a shelter environment.  There is a Breed Specific Rescue for most breeds, most may not be based locally to you, but they do tend to have foster carer's located all around Queensland and beyond.  They are run by organisations who have extensive knowledge of a specific breed which for some breeds is a necessity to ensure the proper care is given.   Either use Google or contact us to help you locate a foster based rescue.

If you're unable to find assistance through these resources and are no longer able to care for your pet, please complete the surrender inquiry form and one of our Animal Coordinators will be in touch to talk further to you.  
If you wish to surrender a cat please Complete this Surrender Enquiry Form.
If you wish to surrender a dog please Complete this Surrender Enquiry Form.