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Doggie Diary October

Monday, November 23, 2015

For November, so far, we have had 15 dogs enter the refuge, and have managed to adopt out 24, which is just wonderful!   We currently have our “November Needy Nine” promotion for longer-term dogs, and we have managed to find homes for three of these guys so far. 

Being well and truly Summer, the dogs are starting to enjoy their play pools and our sprinkler system. Some kind volunteers have also been making up frozen treats for the dogs to enjoy, and in our isolation building Rasta’s Rooms, we now have a CD player with some special calming music recorded just for dogs thanks to a volunteer.  

We currently have a litter of pups as well, who are patiently waiting along with all the others for a home. It is also high tick season, so check your dogs over very carefully, prevention is much better than cure. Summer and storms go hand in hand, make sure your dogs are safe and cannot escape, you can also buy products to help, such as a Thunder-shirt which works by wrapping around your dog’s body, and making them feel secure and therefor helping to calm them.  We all are continually working hard to make sure our dog’s are as adoptable as possible, with basic obedience training and manners, such as walking well on a leash. 

The Dog Foster Programme is up and running, which will be great for special needs, sick or longer term dogs who are not coping. Let’s hope for lot’s more adoptions soon! We are calling for foster carers now. Please contact the office for details 5494 5275.

Volunteer Database September

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We are currently updating our ‘Volunteers Database’ to  ensure all of the details we have on file for you are accurate.

Not only do we need to know that we have your personal and emergency contact details right, but we need to know your preference for areas of volunteering eg, dogs, cats, administration, gardening, maintenance etc.

We are currently looking for more administration / business support. If you are interested, please let Megan know.

Watch this space for more information about this process. 

Thank you in advance!

Cattery Capers September

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

22 cats entered the refuge in September. Quite a few longer term cats finding homes, they were  River, Rainbow [together], Shelly, Trudi and Bianca. Great news! Some volunteers in the cattery have added Enrichment for the cats as well in the form of toys and boxes, for  them to play and hide in. September as we know is the beginning of Kitten Season, and it is already full on with several litters born here and being admitted.  Let’s hope it is a slower season than last year. We still have our De-sex in the City cat de-sexing vouchers, please let anyone you know that cannot afford to de-sex their cat, to come in and buy a voucher, and help stop the unwanted litters.

Doggie Diary September

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

39 new dogs entered the refuge in September! During September we also had quite a few longer term animals finding homes, they were the dogs called Shelby , Boss , Brewster  and Aaron. Some of our dogs participated in a walk from the Alex Surf Lifesaving Club, and had a great day out. Several dogs were re-homed form the RSPCA Big Adopt Out Day, including long term boy Boss, and foster pup Aaron, so that day was a great success. Here's hoping for  bumpa adoption month in October.

Newsflash Desex in the City - Dogs

Friday, October 09, 2015

More exciting news is that SCARS is kicking off subsidized desexing vouchers for dogs on the 19th October 2015! They will be $119 and we will be putting $10,000 up for the campaign and hoping to get 100 dog vouchers released for public use at participating vets. Only Caloundra Greencross Vet and Sunshine Beach Vet are participating in this campaign. Contact them directly once you have purchased your voucher from us, to get your dog desexed. No other service is included in the voucher price - just the desexing.

SCARS is dedicated to saving cats and dogs in pounds and decreasing the number of healthy animals euthanised every year and desexing is the first step! 

Monster Garage Sale 2015 RESULTS

Friday, October 09, 2015

Powerhouse effort with Rosy & her team raising over $38,000 from the Annual Monster Garage Sale this year! The six weeks of non stop work in setting it all up certainly paid off for SCARS. A massive thanks to all of the volunteers who made the sale a success again and also to the supporters and members of the public who come along on the day and snapped up the bargains. See you next year:)

Marketing and Media Update 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015

SCARS now has over 12000 followers on facebook! Share our animals and tell your friends- it all helps to get our cats and dogs homes. We are just starting to use youtube as well so look out for cat and dog videos popping up soon. Sami Muirhead from Mix FM 92.7 is still working her moves as our celebrity Patron and we hope to have her at our big dog walk in October! Find us in the local papers and the Sunshine Coast Daily as well. Do you want us to visit your organisation and talk about SCARS and its role in the community? Contact our manager on 

Most exciting news is out Dog Walk on the 25th October - it is a Sunday and starts with registration at 730am or register on line. We will be having stalls and goodies and it will be at Kawana. We are having a joint walk this year with our friends at 4PAws. Put the date in your diary now and come along with your pooch and support your local rescues.

SCARS Charity Golf Day Wrap 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015

SCARS Golf Charity Day Pelican Waters

A beautiful crisp morning greeted 15 teams of golfers as they teed off for 18 holes of golf on what turned out to be a spectacular day. This was followed by a lunch at the club house. SCARS was very fortunate to have had many sponsors for: holes on the course, auction items and raffle prizes.

Approximately 100 people turned out to support SCARS for the charity golf day which helped raise over $7000. These funds will be used to support our desexing program which has now become a regular program for the refuge.

“Watch this,” a golfer said. “I’ve trained my dog to fetch my golf clubs. Fetch me a wedge,” he commanded the dog.

“That’s nothing,” scoffed a listener. “Any fool can teach his dog to bring a golf club”

“Do you want your sand wedge or your pitching wedge?” asked the dog- SCARS Dogs are smart like this!!!


Nursing Home Visits in 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015

A lovely thing that we are very proud of is our team of volunteers that visit two Nursing Homes on the Sunnie Coast every month. We have been doing this for over a year now. The last Wednesday of every month we take a Refuge Dog or ex Refuge dog to visit the residents of Currimundi and Kawana Nursing Homes. 

During the months of May of June one of our ex refuge dogs, Buzz went along on these visits. An oldie himself (tender age of 10!) he fitted in just perfectly. It was a great experience with lots and lots of pats and cuddles from the residents for Buzz.

These visits bring some real joy and happiness to the residents with many of them having given up their pets to move into residential care. Without our dedicated volunteer crew these visits would not happen - so thankyou to Marg, Fiona, Anita & Sam for giving back to the community and making the residents of the nursing homes happy.

Cattery Capers

Saturday, August 22, 2015

It has been a very busy past 6 months in the Cattery, with kitten season never really stopping, it has only been in a bit of a “lull” for a while. Our volunteer cat foster programme has really helped reduce the numbers of mothers and kittens needing to live in the refuge. A home environment is always best, and a huge thank you to all of our foster carer’s for what you have been doing for these cats, for the past 6 months, and prior. It would be wonderful to think that the foster carer’s may not be needed quite as much this year, but think the season has already begun. It will be wonderful when people finally get the message on de-sexing their cat’s earlier, to avoid unwanted litters. The refuge is continuing our De-sex in the City Campaign, to hopefully help prevent future unwanted litters being born, discarded, and, in turn, helping to over-flow refuge’s and rescue’s.

It is always difficult to find homes for our adult cats during kitten season, as everyone seems to want a kitten. This makes it harder for us to continue to save adult pound cats when we are full, but we always do our very best.

We have provided refuge and found homes for so many cats and kittens this year. Some memorable adoptions of longer term animals always stand out, such as these guys: Armi-James, Phillip, Carla, Meowye, Faith, Spring, Cup-cake, Puss, Poomba, Pamela and Roger to name a few.

Our Cat Care Centre has been wonderful for providing more room for our new “in-mates”, until they progress through to the general cattery for adoption. This is really working well for the cats as it cuts down the stress of being caged and in turn, is cutting down on potential cat flu victims.

A big thank you to all who volunteer and help with our cats, you are all very needed and valued.

Our Proud Sponsors