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Doggie Diary

Saturday, August 22, 2015

So much has happened in the kennels this past 6 months! So many faces have come, stayed for a while, and been re-homed. Sadly others are still waiting patiently for their new start in life.

A highlight was finding a home for darling little Mimi and Jinx, so that they could stay as a pair. Another duo to find a home together were Fifi the little fluffy and Baby-Girl, the female Staffy, such an odd couple of friends they were! A few long termers to find their homes over the past 6 months have been Bindi [with Wednesday volunteer Peter], Venus, Rocco, Lilly, Dakota, Bella [Staffy], Hunta, Patches, Jimbo [with volunteer Mary] Dodger, Princess, Boots, Trigger, Chai, Zeusy [with Volunteers Lenna and Richard] and more recently, Martha, and Foster Dog Shadow the Lab x, who  was Dodger’s buddy. Sorry if anyone has been forgotten, but these adoptions stand out. We all now hope that sweetheart Shelby, will be next in line.

So far this year we have helped many, many dogs find a safe haven, and eventually a home.

We have had new “match-up” yards with shielding built this year, so that potential new owners can meet “meet and greet” the dog of their choice and also introduce dogs to each other. These yards are working really well.

We have had a few changes with different Supervisors and lot’s of new volunteers. We started the Dog Enrichment, Dog Training and Dog Walking programmes, and we are generally trying very hard to make life that little bit better for the dogs in our care. We are currently working on a foster care programme for dogs that need that little bit extra from a home environment and for those who are having trouble coping within a refuge.

Well done to all of you who care for our dogs on a daily/weekly basis, if the dogs could talk they would thank you.

Movie fundraiser Nov 16th

Friday, November 07, 2014

Hi Sunnie Coast we have another movie planned at BC&C Sunshine Plaza. The movie is "The Best of Me" starring James MArsden. Is on Sunday the 16th November and Starts at 130pm. Please come along and show your support for SCARS. We will have merchandise available on the night and we still have lots of tickets top sell!! $20 a ticket for a good cause - all money raised will go towards upgrade of the dog runs.

Social Media hits a milestone

Friday, November 07, 2014

Well thankyou sunnie coasters!!! We reached a Facebook milestone in october ...we reached 10,000 facebook fans! Wow this number has tripled in the last two years - all we need now is for our rehoming figures to triple as well!!! 

Social media like facebook is very important to us as it is a way for us to reach many people with our messages and animals....and it is free!!! Please share the photos of our animals with your friends and help us to find homes for them as quickly as possible. We have some long termers at the moment who really need some extra exposure so that we can find them a home before Christmas. Like and share our page and ask your friends too as well.

Wouldnt it be good to reach 20,000!!! 

Talking Tails

Friday, November 07, 2014

The Kids Talking Tails club activities in the school holidays have been going off like a rocket! Bec & her dedicated team love teaching the kids about cats and dogs whilst creating arts and crafts and making things like wildlife water containers from the craft supplies! Keep watching the website and facebook for the dates for the Christmas school holidays. We also are planning to revamp the Talking tails program so watch this space for more information. 

Around the Education Town

Friday, November 07, 2014

Thanks to our wonderful volunteer education team SCARS continues to push the responsible pet ownership message - hoping to spread the word amongst generations to ensure a brighter future for cats and dogs on the Sunshine Coast. Marg & Sam continue to pop along to the two nursing homes with some of our friendly dogs to brighten the days of some of our elderly residents in care. The dogs that go visiting also love the attention they receive from the lovely staff and residents from the Nursing homes. 

Desex In The City III continues

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The unwanted cat and kitten problem seems to have been worse than usual this year. At times we have had over 100 cats and kittens under the care of the refuge at one time! This is unsustainable and clearly represents a need for further education on desexing your pets. In response to the problem we have decided to run the Desex campaign until the end of June 2014 - releasing another 100 vouchers offering the public subsidized desexing at local participating vets. At the end of this campaign we will have desexed 1600 cats / kittens in the last three years. We only hope this will start to make a small difference to the unwanted litter problem.

We will be looking to roll out another desexing campaign this year with hopes to include a small amount of subsidized dog desexings as well. We will ideally be looking for a financial backer for this so if you know anyone passionate about cat welfare, get them to contact us please.

Around the refuge 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lots going on around the refuge at the moment. Our handyman has been renovating the nursery for all the mums and bubs, converting our old flu room into single pens for cats that prefer to live alone and now he has moved out into the dog areas. Here we are repairing and replacing old doors, shielding and reinforcing the dog runs and tinkering in the kitchen to keep the volunteers happy. A big project we are planning to undertake this year is the redo of the dog exercise area. At our AGM in March members eagerly approved us spending about $100,000 to redo the area. Now we just need to find the money!! We will be looking for fencing materials, cement and lots of willing hands to get this one off the ground - please spread the word and get people who are interested in contributing to contact Penny directly on 5494 5275. 

Cat Care Centre Opening and cat news

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Well it was a fab month with March staring off as a bumper month for cat adoptions and a successful Cat Care Centre Opening to finish the month off! Thanks Jenny McKay for doing the official opening. So far this year has been a very challenging year for cats and kittens, with SCARS finding itself inundated with kittens on a continual basis. With renovations now complete in the cattery, including a nursery and single run conversion and tidy up, we are ready to head into the winter knowing our cats are living the life whilst they wait for their furever homes! Remember we still have some Desex in the City vouchers left. Please do desex your cats, it is the responsible thing to do! 

Animal News

Saturday, April 19, 2014

In April we saw the beginning of our very successful campaign - Hop into the refuge and adopt an Easter Buddy! All staffies and large breed dogs were only $199 for the whole of the school holidays. Many of you came in and fell in love with some of our dogs! In April we rehomed 38 dogs. One of the best adoptions for the period were our darling older staffy girl Keata! Trust us when we say this bought many a tear to the eye of the volunteers when she was adopted. Tears of joy for such a delightful gentle soul. We wish her new owners and Keata many happy memories and days. After such a wonderful month in April, May is certainly shaping up to be a great adoption month for us as well. 

Our darling Foster boy Keg also found his furever home with our wonderful caretakers Jason & Priscilla! Thanks guys, he is so happy with you and the love between you all is obvious! 

Fundraising around the Town

Sunday, April 13, 2014

We are proud to have held our first ever Fundraising Luncheon and Fashion Parade on the 9th of May. This was made possible by the team at My Weekly Preview and their hugely successful My Style Fridays events. Everyone who came along enjoyed the fabulous food and atmosphere at 4th Floor Restaurant and were superbly entertained by Destiny's Plan Duo (who just happen to be two of our wonderful and talented volunteers!). Thanks Tina & Di - the event raised $2500 for the cats and dogs. We also snuck in a little surprise with a doggie fashion parade - proved to be a hit for all!! We are hoping to make this an annual event so fingers crossed MWP are keen as well!

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