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Festive Season 2018

Monday, December 10, 2018

The festive season means four things to us at SCARS; fireworks and storms, heat, holidays and hopefully loads of adoptions!

Being a responsible pet owner in the festive season means making sure your animals are safe during storms and fireworks, secure fencing and a safe place inside to shelter, make sure they have lots of water and shade available in the heat too. Use simple ways to keep them cool; don't walk dogs in the heat of the day and use ice in water bowls to help them keep cool. Make sure your beloved pet is looked after if you are going away, book boarding kennels early or look into qualified pet sitters if you have missed out on a place to board them. If you are holidaying at home and having lots of visitors, make sure your pets have some quiet time away from all of the festive cheer! And make sure they are not eating our christmassy treats.

Our most important message is probably....if you are considering adding a four legged friend to your family, please do RESCUE and ADOPT! Do your research though and don't buy puppies and kittens as gifts for people unless you are really sure they want one. We prefer that people pick their own cat or dog. After all its a big commitment; cats and dogs can live a long time! so do your research and save an animal that suits your lifestyle, exercise tolerance, your family and your kids, where you live and know the cost of keeping them safe and healthy. 
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