Dogs & Puppies

We have dogs and puppies big and small, all breeds and personalities. Your new dog will require lots of company, exercise, time and training to ensure a long and happy life. Please choose well to ensure the right dog for you, and that you are right for the dog, as it will always need to be part of your family’s demographics. We reserve the right to sell any animal in the refuge to you, and terms and conditions of sale are in place to ensure the long term welfare of the animals.

If you are renting you will need to bring in a formal rental agreement from your landlord or real estate agent clearly stating how many dogs you are allowed on the property.  If you own the home the dog will be living at, please bring a copy of your current rates notice. If you own another dog you will need to do a 'match up' with the dog you are interested in, and all the family need to meet and greet your potential new pet.
Make sure you know your local council regulations on dog ownership. We refer you to Local Law No 2 (Animal Management) 2011 in particular to fencing. "Dog owners are responsible for preventing their dogs from roaming and causing a nuisance. Suitable fenced enclosures are required to contain dogs on properties. The enclosure must be suitably constructed to prevent the animal from escaping". 

We may need to do a check on your fences, and an interview process may be required for some of our animals.

Prices begin at around $200 which includes vaccination, micro-chipping, worming and de-sexing for grown-up dogs. Another $200 is required for a puppy which will be refunded when you bring the puppy back for de-sexing. Ownership will not legally transfer to you until the puppy is returned for de-sexing.  
All the dogs and puppies you see below are currently staying with us at the Refuge.  Please note that although our website is updated as soon as we adopt, there is a chance that the animal you may be interested in may have been adopted by the time you visit them on site, so the sooner you visit us, the sooner you may have a wonderful friend to take home with you.

  • Name: Andy
    Breed: Bull Arab Cross
    Age: 7 months
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: Andy is full of life happy young fellow. He is keen to please and just wants to be loved and cared for. Andy has lived with another dog and likes to meet other dogs for a play. As Andy is a young ..
  • Andy

  • Name: Archer
    Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross Labrador
    Age: 10 months
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: Here's a happy go lucky young boy by the name of Archer. He is still very much a pup who will need training and guidance to make a good family member. He will need a an understanding owner who wor..
  • Archer

  • Name: Bronson
    Breed: Neo Mastiff Cross
    Age: 1 year
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: Bronson is a handsome boy who is looking for a special family to adopt him. He has a laid back nature and loves to be feed treats. As for most dogs, Bronson would benefit from some obedience train..
  • Bronson

  • Name: Chief
    Breed: Mastiff Cross
    Age: 5 years
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: Chief, what a handsome big boy that is super affectionate! Chief is looking for a strong active owner who can take this good looking boy a walk or run every day. He is a smart cookie and is lookin..
  • Chief

  • Name: Maggie
    Breed: Border Collie Cross Cattle Dog
    Age: 6 months
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: Maggie is a very affectionate super sweet girl, and happy to meet new people. Maggie is a very young girl and may be a little annoying to some other dogs, so a careful meet and greet is necessary..
  • Maggie

  • Name: Marcus
    Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross Border Collie
    Age: 1 Year
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: Marcus, alias Mr Energiser, is looking for an active family who can take him on runs/walks and show him new adventures. You will need some toys to keep him busy as he loves to play! Just watch th..
  • Marcus

  • Name: Max
    Breed: Rottweiler
    Age: 4 years 6 months
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: *Currently in foster care, please call the office to arrange a meet and greet: 0754945275* Max is a solid boy with a protective nature, who is looking for an owner with experience of the breed. Ma..
  • Max

  • Name: Sarge
    Breed: Rotti x
    Age: 2 years
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: Sarge has come all the way down from Bundaberg to find his new home here on the Sunshine Coast. Sarge is a very friendly boy who adores his walks and will suit lovers of larger breed dogs. if ..
  • Sarge

  • Name: Blaze
    Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
    Age: 3 1/2 years
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: Here is a cuddlepot named Blaze. She is waiting for you to bring the family down and meet her. She is waiting for your cuddles. Blaze has had some obedience training but will need more for her to ..
  • Blaze

  • Name: Lillian
    Breed: Boxer Cross
    Age: 3 1/2 years
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: *PENDING ADOPTION*Wow what an adorable girl our Lillian is. She is such a sweet natured lady, always ready to lap up attention and give you affection in return. Lillian has has some basic obedienc..
  • Lillian

  • Name: Pearl
    Breed: Cattle Dog Cross Bull Terrier
    Age: 9 months
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: Line up for Pearl, because she won't last long. She is a very sweet girl and is eager to please. Pearl does melt a few hearts and has become a fast favourite in the refuge with staff and volunteer..
  • Pearl

  • Name: Sam
    Breed: Maremma
    Age: 3 1/2 years
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: Calling all experienced Maremma lovers come in and meet this beauty! She is a working breed sheep dog that will need room to run and are used to living in acreage as Maremmas are usually placed with l..
  • Sam

  • Name: Taya
    Breed: Shar Pei X Bull Arab
    Age: 3 years
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: Wow, look at that face, how can you resist?! Taya is a darling girl with a relaxed and easy going personality. Taya is a very people orientated young girl and was surrender to the local pound due ..
  • Taya