Shame Files

No one should have to see how some humans treat cats and dogs, but sometimes it’s important to be reminded. Although the pictures are graphic, all these animals who came to the refuge in a sad and sorry state have been rehabilitated and re-homed into a loving environment. By sharing these pictures we hope to reduce the numbers of animals who may come to us in this type of state.

  • Name: Brooke
    Brooke's Story: Brooke when she came in 19 June 2012
  • Name: Stanley
    Stanley's Story: Badly neglected Stanley has bilateral entropian to both eyes plus mange.
  • Name: Andy
    Andy's Story: Let this be a reminder to always restrain your pet in a vehicle
  • Name: Bhodi
    Bhodi's Story: His rump and tail were bare from chewing fleas and the rusty colour of his neck was from flea blood.
  • Name: Bones
    Bones's Story: This is what happens when you don't treat a dog for fleas.
  • Name: Carly
    Carly's Story: She was covered with blood, sores and mange.
  • Name: Cassius
    Cassius's Story: He had no fur and bare skin around his neck.
  • Name: Jamie
    Jamie's Story: Poor little Jamie suffered terribly.
  • Name: JD
    JD's Story: His fur was missing with bare patches of skin around his neck and ears, JD was surrended because his owners could not take care of him.
  • Name: Joy
    Joy's Story: Joy was in an appalling condition and we did not think she would survive.
  • Name: Karma
    Karma's Story: The person said the dog had wandered into their property. Karma was brought in by a person dragging her around by her lead.
  • Name: Lucas
    Lucas's Story: Lucas is about 5 weeks old and was found with a home made splint of sticks and masking tape to keep his leg straight.
  • Name: Mason
    Mason's Story: A chain had been on him so tight it had grown into his neck.
  • Name: Maxwell
    Maxwell's Story: The owner said no-one was able to tell her what his problem was.
  • Name: Milly and Tilly
    Milly and Tilly's Story: The distressed owner of these dogs did not know how to care for them.
  • Name: Sir Reg
    Sir Reg's Story: Sir Reg when he came in.
  • Name: Wish
    Wish's Story: Wish had so many fleas, her back was bare and her tail swollen from chewing.